Prestressed Flooring


Prestressed Concrete Floor Units

O’Reilly Concrete Flooring use an innovative casting system in the manufacture of flooring units. This ensures a truly smooth soffit finish to the extent that, if required, joints can simply be taped and ceiling painted.

Polystyrene inserts are used for the lightweight cores in both 150mm and 200mm deep floor units. Using lightweight design, this system gives extremely high strengths for maximum loads and spans.

Unlike extruded units, O’Reilly Concrete flooring units are closed at each end. This eliminates the risk of water or other contamination in cores. It also improves the shear capacity at bearing.

Timber batons may be cast into our floor units during manufacture, enhancing programmes further.

Design, Manufacture and Installation

All our precast and prestressed concrete products are designed, manufactured and installed by highly qualified personnel who form the team at O’Reilly Concrete.

When faced with demands for innovative applications in complex construction projects our design team liaise with architects, consulting engineers and main contractors to produce the best engineering solution.

All our products are manufactured using the most up-to-date computer aided technology which ensures a very high quality finished product.

When it comes to delivery and installation our well motivated and skilled work force will operate in a fast and reliable manner.