Precast Insulated Wall Panels


O’Reilly Concrete manufactures high quality precast concrete products for over 50 years introducing innovative products to the Irish building market. Now we introduce another innovative precast solution:

Precast Insulated Wall Panels for Energy Efficient Homes and Structures.

Our standard insulated wall panels have U-value 0.18 W/m2K which is below the new Part L, Building Regulations 2014 which require a U-value below 0.20 W/m2K.

Looking for an energy-efficient home building solution?

Flexible, durable and safe – insulated concrete sandwich walls keep the heat or cold from getting inside your home, and more importantly, from reaching your energy bill.

Economical Construction

Concrete is one of the most durable and flexible construction materials available. Couple that with the added features and benefits of the thermal insulation, and you can keep your house construction well within budget. In fact it’s a common misconception that block and brick or stick built construction methods are less expensive than using insulated concrete.

When all factors are considered, there is no more economical way than sandwich wall construction. Properly constructed homes built using O’Reilly Insulated Wall Panels can offer superior performance under anticipated elements of nature. In fact, these homes can be expected to stand for years with no structural degradation.

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Energy Efficient Construction

O’Reilly Insulated Wall Panel means lower energy costs. Not only does an insulated sandwich wall keep the heat or cold from getting to your family inside your home, it also helps keeps them from reaching your energy bill.

A Healthy Choice

O’Reilly Insulated Wall Panels help maintain acceptable moisture and temperature levels, even in basements. This helps impede mold and mildew growth within the home’s walls. As an added measure, the insulated wall mass contributes to superior sound dampening.

Thermal Mass Effect

The thermal mass effect is the result of high mass materials absorbing, storing and releasing heat energy. Insulated concrete wall panels are well suited to the task of absorbing and releasing heat energy without losses.