Precast Twin Wall Panels

Our twin wall system is composed of two 65mm thick precast concrete wall leafs that are suitably reinforced and connected to each other during production.  Wall thicknesses of 200mm thick and upwards can be accommodated and window / door openings within the wall can easily be formed.

The two 65mm thick leafs are connected together using steel lattice girders at approx. 450mm centres.  Starter bars are fixed in place on site to lap with the reinforcement in the wall.  The walls are then fitted in place followed by the required joint reinforcement across all joints.   The central void is then filled with insitu concrete.

Benefits & Advantages

The twin wall system mixes the benefits of using precast concrete and insitu concrete including:

  • Faster project time due to precast elements being utilised which leads to reduced labour costs
  • Better quality control for reinforcement fixing and less on-site difficulties experienced when compared with insitu concrete
  • Reduced labour costs for installation on site
  • Better finish on concrete walls when compared with insitu concrete
  • Heavily reinforced core stability walls can be accommodated