Rainbank Rainwater Harvesting

1. 8000 Litre Tank
2. Debris Filter
3. Water Pump with Floating Intake
4. Automatic Pressure Switch
5. Calmed Inlet
6. Header Tank
7. Mains water for top-up
8. Multisiphon

Why Use an O’Reilly Rainwater Harvesting System?

  • 8000 litre, concrete tank, installed by our truck and technician
  • It helps the environment by taking pressure off local water supplies
  • Soft water reduces detergent use for cleaning clothes
  • Limits build-up of limescale on household machines
  • Minimises salt use in water softening systems – friendlier to sewage systems
  • Better for watering gardens
  • Reduces costs when metering is introduced
Find out more information on the O’Reilly Oakstown Site
In the home the average person uses around 150 litres of water every day. Around 50% of this does not need to be from the mains water supply. Use Rainwater for:
  • Toilet Flushing
  • Garden Watering
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Vehicle Washing
  • Domestic Laundry
  • Water for Livestock